Smart Card: The ePaper Label
that Saves You Money


The Future is Paperless

Smart Card is the solution to waste, idle time, financial loss, and other challenges common throughout various economic spheres. These business card-sized RFID tags utilize the latest technology to display all kinds of information without the need for excessive amounts of paper, from barcodes and product names to labels and much more.


Technology that is Easy
to Use and Hard to Resist


Innovative Design

Each card is only 3.2mm thick and requires no batteries despite its electronic capabilities.


Fast Data Transfer

Smart Card is readable at the high speed of 120m per minute with no slowdown.


Smart Device Compatibility

Near Field Communication (NFC) technology enables you to seamlessly overwrite the display with the desired information from your mobile device.

Eliminate Paper Expenses Once and For All

U.S. businesses spend a total of $8 billion annually on purchasing, managing, and ultimately wasting paper. When widely applied to your business, Smart Card can greatly diminish or even eliminate the need for conventional paper labels, helping to alleviate such a costly burden.


Designed for Many Economic and Industrial Environments

The ability of Smart Card to display different types of information
enables the device to operate in multiple commercial settings.



Factories can distribute paperless, real-time production orders to their workers, eliminating handwriting errors, reducing waste, and improving operational efficiency.



Compatible with our Pick-to-Light systems, Smart Card makes it easier for warehouse staff to navigate the transfer of inventory from one point to another.


Food Service

Restaurants use our RFID tags to quickly process billing information and receive payment from their customers at greater speeds.


Health Care

Smart Card allows medical personnel to safely handle patient information and equipment to decrease the risks of leaking personal information.



Facilities install Smart Cards on their walls to log the work history of cleaning staff with an accuracy nearly impossible to duplicate with paper.



Smart Card excels as a reception system that records the personal information of visitors, grants them access to the building, and erases their information afterwards


Visible RFID Smart Card Specifications

Model Display Display Area Resolution Electric
User Memory Communication (NFC) Communication (UHF) UHF Communication Distance Writable times Operating Temperature/Humidity Dustproof/Waterproof level External Dimensions Net Weight Unit Price
Product 1
SC1029L ePaper (2.9 inch diagonal) 61.5mm x 41.0mm 300 x 200 pixels Wireless Charging *1 (Battery not required) 16KB ISO/IEC 18092, JISX6319-4 compliant *2 More than 1 million times 0°C to 50°C / 0% to 80% (Non condensing) IP56 85.6mm x 54.0mm x 3.65mm 20g $80
Product 2
SC1029U ePaper (2.9 inch diagonal) 61.5mm x 41.0mm 300 x 200 pixels Wireless Charging *1 (Battery not required) 16KB ISO/IEC 18092, JISX6319-4 compliant *2 ISO/IEC 18000-63, (EPC Global Class 1) Maximum Reading Distance: About 3m *3 More than 1 million times 0°C to 50°C / 0% to 80% (Non condensing) IP56 95.2mm x 60.9mm x 3.95mm 30g $100
Product 3
ST1129U ePaper (2.9-inch diagonal) 66.9mm x 29.06mm 296 x 128 pixels Wireless Charging *1 (Battery not required) 16KB ISO/IEC 18092, JISX6319-4 compliant *2 ISO/IEC 18000-63 (EPC Global Gen2v2) Maximum Reading Distance: 1.5m *3 More than 1 million times 0℃ to 50℃ / 0% to 80% (Non condensing) IP55 99.0mm x 63.0mm x 8mm 48g $65


1. Smart Card/Tag incorporates NFC (Near Field Communication) chip that enables wireless power transfer and data transmission.
2. The specification method of block list is different from standard.
3. Reference value when 1W R/W and circular polarized antenna is used.
Communication distance varies depending on the operating environment and R/W used


Featured Case Studies

OMRON ASO, a product manufacturer in Japan, sought a paperless way to optimize parts traceability and product management on all levels. Watch how Smart Card seamlessly replaced instructions, paper Kanban, and tags to transform the manufacturing process at OMRON for the better.

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